The Scoring system – the format that cares.

After every weekly event, your standings results gets posted and recorded as a base point reference for how much you stand to win or lose in the following weeks. It’s designed to handsomely reward upsets and reduce the amount of points the ‘favourites’ win in later weekly events (this also prevents leaders from winning too much against lower seeds).

Here’s a quick view into how the scoring works when a LOWER seeded opponent scores an upset (the ‘unexpected’ result):

Score System - Upset

The ‘point difference’ is the standings score difference between you and your opponent. If you score the upset, the ‘winner’ column represents the points you win; the ‘loser’ column represents the points your higher seeded opponent loses.

The system is loosely based on the official USTTA and TTCAN ranking system… and as everyone knows, it’s not perfect. That said, we found it worked really well for us, especially when each season starts anew.

Here are the points exchanged when the HIGHER seeded opponent wins (the ‘expected’ result):

Score System - Expected Result

So don’t give up if you’re (way) behind. The system is designed to lend you a hand, reward those that play more (and not necessarily the best players), and put the brakes on the leaders. I’d like to call it: a system that cares.

Now if only we can make our system trigger a care bear stare after every upset win. Now there’s an epic thought… and not completely inconceivable…