The Denier Streaks again

The Denier has been absolutely dominating Toronto’s SPiN League Div1 competition. He is single-handedly setting SPiN League records including an eye-popping match win streak that spanned two Seasons of undefeated play.

[Denier, if you’re reading this, get an image avatar up please before I hack into your account and put up a picture of SailorMoon!]

Season 5 Standings

He was a perfect 72-0 in Season 5 and went – check that –  60-0 in Season 4. That’s a combined 132-0 consecutive win streak – AND COUNTING.

As ridiculous as this may seem, it’s worth noting that this doesn’t top Denier’s single-season record of 79 wins in Season 3 (although he was up-ended twice that year). But here’s the biggest eye-scratcher of them all: the Denier currently holds a ridiculous 59 set win streak. 59. If you extend that back to Season 4, add another 4. That’s an all-time record of 63 straight sets won.

Can anyone guess who snapped Denier’s set win streak this past season?

Here’s watching Season 6 as it unfolds in the fall. If he continues winning at a pace like this, I will be forced to recruit some ringers to disrupt his flow.