Persistence pays off. Playing more pays off more.

I’ve been eying the win trend since the League began. Let’s take a look at what could have been for Ivan the Terrible in SPiN Toronto’s Season 5 (I’m coining nicknames for everyone. I’ll blame Mark Buck, MoC for TO’s SPiN League, for the inspiration.

Ivan finished the season impressively in third place for division 2. His set win % was actually a league high 80+%. It’s pretty clear he was one of the – if not THE – player to beat in Division 2. So why did he finish in 3rd?

Looking at Ivan’s match history, the truth reveals itself. He played consistently but only over the course of the second half of the season. Let’s compare Gocho’s history (who placed 2nd) versus Ivan’s (who placed third):

[each vertical collection of circles represents a player’s standings points for a given League day]

Main observation? Gotta play to win.

The goal of the league was always about building a community of players who can call a place home for Sundays. Share a few laughs and revel about what could have been. The scoring system Smashscore devised was designed to reward participation with just enough competition to make it interesting. It’s a tough balance but I think we struck it.

I had the pleasure of playing Ivan. One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet but boy was he a slippery rat that day. All 3 of our sets was decided within 2 points. If I’m a betting man Ivan will make a strong case for top spot.