The League Weekly – @SPiNToronto Wk3, @SPiNNewyork Wk5

An interesting trend is happening in New York. For those that don’t know, the League at SPiN NY just set a record – a record for the greatest number of player check-ins, ever.

It occurred on the 5th week of the 3rd season, and it is, for data scientists everywhere to note, a notable uptick – an uptrend – in player pong circle duel-offs. It makes Luke Skywalker shake his boots, Darth Vader roll in his grave, and Yoda say a proper sentence.


Total Checkins

Pessimists will regard this as an outlier – a blip – a sample space far too small to conclude that this is a front-end indicator of the new norm. I laugh at those that impose their logic wills; who are you to challenge the Pong gods of League play?

[For those wondering, the single day record for player checkins is 72 @SPiNToronto back in March 2014]

Basking in the light of all this positivity was Junichi Seki, pulling off a perfect record in wk5, a perfect remedy to last week’s string of 3-set losses, including some payback for Mr. Reiss himself. Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.37.09 PM

In intermediate news, T-Bone kicked off his week with a key win down the stretch against newcomer, Choiju. Before that Choiju was on a roll and is one to watch with just a few weeks left. After a long absence, Clay returns with a perfect week himself. This will be an interesting run for the finish.

@SPiNToronto, Brox88 brought along a clan member (father? my spies have been slacking…) and continued his dominance with some hard-fought 3-setters against Steven, Cdnchef, and Andrzej. He needed it with Niramaydesai in perfect, week form. A slip anywhere at this stage and it’s back into the jaws of the pack. It’s anyone’s game now.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.51.24 PM

Craig and Roman took advantage of some idle-ness from Div1 leaders with a perfect string of wins. And less not forget… our friends in Div3.

I got some pretty harsh feedback for failing to mention Div3 in previous posts. I have to admit, it was a total abomination for me to exclude, arguably, the most fun division the League as ever seen. As evidence of my blatant disregard for the beginner squad that march out on Sundays at 5p, the brilliant avatar icon from Razorblade himself has been largely ignored.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.54.29 PM

Yeah. I know. How could you miss this when calling out best avatar icons the League has yet to offer?

Trust me when I tell thee, I shall not forget. Never again.