Ibrahim Hamato shows you that nothing is impossible

This made the news round a couple of years ago but for those that didn’t see it, it’s absolutely worth a view. Ibrahim lost his arms as a ten year-old but loved the sport of table tennis… and didn’t let that stop him.

It’s truly remarkable what happens when you put your heart and soul into something. I personally think this is more than just hard work – this guy’s got some serious talent.


Introducing simultaneous multi-division play

SPiN Toronto’s Season 7 introduced a small feature that impacted how Toronto ran their League.

To help optimize the space more than it ever did before, SPiN Toronto decided it would run two divisions simultaneously. We made a small tweak in the Matches Page to help League Admins manage the schedule:

Multi-Divisional Pic

To keep things simple, we colour-coded Div2 matches (grey) which was enough for Admins and MCs to identify divisional matches. By alternating match call-outs between divisions, players from both levels were able to play out their matches in sequence.

(For office leagues that run a week long event, this feature wouldn’t impact their game play)

Outside the obvious logistical benefits, we found that this improved the community experience overall, especially when friends with varying play levels wanted to hangout on a Sunday aft together.

That’s it for now league-faring competitors! More feature updates soon to come…

The Matches Page

The Matches Page is a key Smashscore page . Once the admin completes live scheduling, the Matches Page houses a global list of scheduled matches to be played.

The live Player-vs-Player scheduling feature allows match schedules to be created based on who shows up, which creates a splendid set of league mechanics unique to Smashscore. With live scheduling, player defaults and no-shows no longer occur – pre-registration deadlines are also eliminated, allowing players to join at anytime during the season. Combined with a rankings algorithm that is dependent on the number of games played, the result is a well-balanced system that gives players ultimate flexibility while providing enough incentive and competition to drive playing activity.

Once match scheduling is complete, the Matches Page displays the schedule with some additional information:

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 8.59.45 PM

    • Green numbers represent the number of points a player stands to gain with a win (Christina will win 8 points if she beats Amy)
    • Red numbers present the number of points a player stands to lose with a loss (Christina will lose 6 points if she loses to Amy)
    • Numbers in parenthesis represent the number of matches a player has played within that league event

For details on how the scoring system works, see this blog post

Each match offers Players and Admins additional actions. Upon triggering the orange arrow button, depending on whether you are a player or admin, a few options are available:

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.09.57 PM

As an Admin, you have multiple actions you can perform including recording and deleting a given match. There’s also an option to ‘Change Status to ongoing match’, which helps change the state of a match to being ‘in progress’. This allows the admin to filter those in progress versus those that are to be played:

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.12.39 PM

A variation of the live match scheduling feature was seen used for pong at a local office; instead of a predefined date and time for play, an entire week’s event was created with scheduled matches assigned for play at anytime. This increased playability and was a regular water cooler discussion topic.

With a design point focused on player convenience without sacrificing the competitive mechanics to encourage play, we believe we’ve found the secret sauce that makes Smashscore’s next-gen leagues, work.

Now all we have to do is work on making it even better. And we absolutely plan to with tourneys, teams, and additional scoring options on the horizon.

Why Motivation posts will become a recurring Smashscore theme

I’m a huge fan of motivational media and people. I get really stirred up by a motivational video, a really good speech, and a really good song. I’m not sure why I get this way but it works like a charm. Here’s an earlier post I wrote after Stan Wawrinka, a professional tennis player I love watching, won his first Australian – first Grand Slam title – of his career. He did it after losing consecutively to a couple of arch-enemies that had his number prior to (0-14 versus Djokovic, 0-12 versus Nadal). Read that post here:

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

In some ways it reminds me to push past my perceivable limits. Most of all – and this is the most important for me – it reminds me to pay it forward. Helping someone when they’re down. Encouraging them when they need a lift. Finding positive things to say instead of the negative.

Negative thinking can crush a thought but positive thinking can inspire a thousand souls. Here’s a post I read that neatly collects a bunch of motivational feeds. Whatever you’re doing in your life, I’m sure you can use it to help get you back on track:

Motivational Video Collection

Some of you may be thinking how next-gen Smashscore leagues have anything to do with this post 🙂 From a technical level, little. But from how it has impacted how I see things, everything.

The first league we ever ran was a pretty cool experience. We saw a bunch of strangers come together and by the end of the season, friends, roommates, and players were working with each other to improve their game. From a technical level, equipment support, or just overall encouragement, people were motivating each other just to get a little better. In the end, their craft improved all because people took the time to motivate.

So that’s all it was: a positive, cool vibe that became a small by-product of an indie league. Although this seems bigger than it really was, sometimes the starting rhythm of a butterfly’s wings can be the beginning beat that eventually moves mountains…

From here on in you can expect motivation to be a recurring theme of what we do. This isn’t a one-and-done type post. If anything, we hope a little push for our readers will inspire bigger and better things. Whether it’s possible or not remains unknown but the very thought that there’s even a small, remote chance it could help is enough for us to keep-er going.

And so it begins… flap, flap, flap.