Why Motivation posts will become a recurring Smashscore theme

I’m a huge fan of motivational media and people. I get really stirred up by a motivational video, a really good speech, and a really good song. I’m not sure why I get this way but it works like a charm. Here’s an earlier post I wrote after Stan Wawrinka, a professional tennis player I love watching, won his first Australian – first Grand Slam title – of his career. He did it after losing consecutively to a couple of arch-enemies that had his number prior to (0-14 versus Djokovic, 0-12 versus Nadal). Read that post here:

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

In some ways it reminds me to push past my perceivable limits. Most of all – and this is the most important for me – it reminds me to pay it forward. Helping someone when they’re down. Encouraging them when they need a lift. Finding positive things to say instead of the negative.

Negative thinking can crush a thought but positive thinking can inspire a thousand souls. Here’s a post I read that neatly collects a bunch of motivational feeds. Whatever you’re doing in your life, I’m sure you can use it to help get you back on track:

Motivational Video Collection

Some of you may be thinking how next-gen Smashscore leagues have anything to do with this post 🙂 From a technical level, little. But from how it has impacted how I see things, everything.

The first league we ever ran was a pretty cool experience. We saw a bunch of strangers come together and by the end of the season, friends, roommates, and players were working with each other to improve their game. From a technical level, equipment support, or just overall encouragement, people were motivating each other just to get a little better. In the end, their craft improved all because people took the time to motivate.

So that’s all it was: a positive, cool vibe that became a small by-product of an indie league. Although this seems bigger than it really was, sometimes the starting rhythm of a butterfly’s wings can be the beginning beat that eventually moves mountains…

From here on in you can expect motivation to be a recurring theme of what we do. This isn’t a one-and-done type post. If anything, we hope a little push for our readers will inspire bigger and better things. Whether it’s possible or not remains unknown but the very thought that there’s even a small, remote chance it could help is enough for us to keep-er going.

And so it begins… flap, flap, flap.