Tbone’s Match History from SPiN New York’s League

After getting some nice feedback from Noah’s match history data visualization, I’ve picked a random player from @SPiN New York’s League to showcase some fun visuals. I decided to play around with this one, illustrating the complete match history that began last year in February. I combined it with a H2H match graph…

Be sure to click the graph below for a full interactive graphic (the season match history blocks are listed sequentially from left to right):

Tbones Match History
Tbone’s Match History from SPiN’s New York Sunday League.

Although I love the colour contrast, me thinks the red-green colour combo favours that of a Christmas ornament. I may think I’m a data viz junkie but truth be told I’m really a graphic designer wannabe by night (which really means I’m an arm chair critic with a ‘preschool’┬áhand at designing).