Creating an unofficial Global Pong Rank – it’s on.

It’s taken 20,000+ matches recorded in our database to come up with an idea we want to push to the pong community in force. We’re pretty giddy about it and that’s an understatement: we’re going to publish a global rank based on all our player match history. This will continue to be updated as you play more and more matches with Smashscore leagues. Because our true goal is to maintain a rank we plan to set up super easy ways for anyone, anywhere to record their match – even ad-hoc ones in your basement.

We know there are multiple ratings systems out there and we aren’t trying to displace them; in fact, we hope to complement them by providing another data point – another frame of reference – that can help pong administrators assess pong-fu skill. In some cases we will integrate with them so you’ll have a super easy way to upload your match results.

At the end of the day, the pong community doesn’t need growing – it’s massive all by itself – all we want to do is to build a path between independent pong communities. Little less like islands and more like cities and towns united by a dirt road.

So, yah. We’re pretty damn excited about it. If you have any questions – feedback even – feel free to contact me directly. I’d be more than happy to sit down with anyone that is willing to make this initiative a thriving reality.

Pong-on and stay tuned.

PS – this also means that your league matches have a little more meaning than your season results 😉 Keep this in mind as you play. Every match counts!