The League Weekly – @SPiNToronto Wk2, @SPiNNewyork Wk4

Great week of League Pong.

It was an eventful week of pong in the city of New York and Toronto. I would love for the Blue Jays to pull of an epic Game7 come back; not only would it be fitting vengeance for KC’s great escape in ’85, I think we can totally create a rivalry between both SPiN clubs:

  1. GeorgeBor, clearly a favourite in Div1 after his titanic defeat of the ‘immortal’ Denier, was idle in Week2. As a consequence, he drops to 8th. (Gotta play to keep up). His point spread with Denier is now 48 points; another win against the Denier in say Wk3 would bring the defending champ tumbling back into the mix. Love it. Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.43.36 PMSome would view this as unfair – however, our goal all along was to create a format that yes, remains competitive, but more importantly, creates a few play dynamics that keeps things interesting. Denier isn’t a runaway winner – and GeorgeBor although ‘punished’ for not showing in Wk2, is absolutely still in the running to be the winner. I’ve said this before: this isn’t a league for the best of the best; we’re here to build communities and in order to do that, players got to feel they’re still within spitting distance. The FA cup format in soccer is another example of where anyone could take the title. That’s exciting stuff.
  2. I’ve officially past the torch to the best icon avatar to ksh9. The Knee of Justice’s avatar was an early favourite and to best honest, I didn’t think we’d see another that would be better so quickly. KSH9’s avatar absolutely rocks. It’s simple, works well for an icon size, but the detail remains relevant and pops.Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.20.54 PMThe immediate thing that comes to mind when I see this is Kill Bill’s Oren Ishii’s character from that epic duel scene in the snow. Great stuff.
  3. It’s anyone’s game in both Expert and Intermediate divisions @SpinNewYork. Nice to see T-bone take top spot after Wk4 – he’s been a loyal contender from past seasons too. It appears that both Clay and Alfred are, percentage wise, the most talented, but like GeorgeBor, haven’t played enough weeks to sustain top spot. The leaderboard could change dramatically if they play more regularly.
  4. In the Expert division @SpinNewYork,  Suryasahithyan has created some space in top spot. Looks like Suryasahithyan -eeked a win against Junichi Seki… a tough loss man. Juni lost another tough 3-setter against against Reiss which effectively caused the tumble from top spot after Wk4. Don’t worry Junichi: vengeance is a dish best served cold. 
  5. In the parallel Div1 session @SPiNToronto, Denier regained top spot with some big-time wins against familiar foe. An interesting matchup between Kyle – the man from Northern Ireland – and Ivan was dueled-off in a 3-set grinder… the wily slicing vet comes through this time.                    Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 3.08.32 PM
  6. In Div2 @SPiNToronto Brox88 is starting to string a small win streak together as he went undefeated… but Niramaydesai is not a step too far behind. Familiar contenders Steven and tricky Mirek lurk dangerously below with some nice upside coming from Pallettown and Pikaboo.

I know I’m biased but having an on-demand, automated league scheduler that adapts to ‘whoever shows up’ really works. In a future post I’ll talk about how the format came to be… and how I think it can help other communities.

Looking forward to the results this coming Sunday.