Noah’s Match History @SPiN Toronto

I’m a wannabe data junkie and what better data to mine than the match history we’ve accumulated over the years. After 13 seasons with SPiN and 13,000+ league matches recorded, we’re bound to have some fun data graphics to play with.

I thought I’d start by working with some of our most loyal pong duellers of all-time. From the beginning Noah’s been faithful to SPiN TO and ripping up the scene on League Sundays.

I hope to post the same data graphic for other players including match records from each of SPiN’s cities in NY, Chicago, and soon-to-be, San Fran. Hopefully folks will get a kick of the visuals.

For a high res and interactive graphic, click on the image below:

Noah Match History
Noah’s Complete Match History @SPiN Toronto


Introducing the SPiN League in NYC

In Feb of 2015, we welcomed our brethren, New York City’s finest, SPiN NYC to the League. It’s where it all began. The history. The idea. The story.


We couldn’t be more happy to bring the League concept across the border and begin building the type of community we have here in Toronto. After a test season in Feb, and a successful follow-on in April, the League format has translated nicely.

At the end of the day I’m really happy to see a regular community forming in NYC. It’s what we set out to do. It’s why we did what we did: give an opportunity for people to have a good time and meet new people – by doing something familiar. No more awkward pauses and meetups. Just pick up a paddle or whatever suits your fancy, and compete in a wicked atmosphere.

One day I hope to head down to NY and when I do, I’ll be sure to meet up with the regulars. You can count on that.