SPiN Chicago Season 6 registration is open!

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Rec players don't have 9-5 schedules anymore.

Allow players to join anytime, play when they can, and still compete in an official league.

We've taken the best of ladders and leagues to create one killer format.

Live standings, scores, and stats. On any device. Available anywhere.

I worked in a workplace that lives on numbers and the app gave our players live, up to date rankings and stats.

Marc, @SOCAN Toronto

On-the-fly scheduling.

Generate matches based on who checked in - automatically. Randomly. Beautifully. And in seconds.

Smashscore makes it extremely efficient to organize our Ping Pong League.

@Emma, SPiN Toronto

Do all your league administration from a smartphone.

You heard it: no desktop needed for admin-only tasks. Create leagues, schedule matches, and self-score - all from your device.

I don't know how I would be able to function without this app.

Kate, @SPiN NYC

Missing player registration deadlines are a pain for everyone. So why have one?

Register anytime. No more no-show headaches, and no more match play defaults. It's a league format designed for today's rec player and gamer.

Big thanks to @smashscore for managing our #startuppong tourney!

@Uberflip, #startuptourney

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